Accounts of Strange Incidents

Thirty-Third Panel


Murasaki doesn’t understand how she feels

Takeshi finds Murasaki sweeping the shrine yard and demands from her the whereabouts of the Onmyouji, but she responds with a cryptic answer, sounding almost like the Onmyouji himself. The Hatamoto paces back and forth in front of the Kaishaku-cum-Miko hurling invectives and accusations at the absent Onmyouji, not bothering to hide his annoyance and irritation. He barely registers Murasaki’s timid protestations that this is all a misunderstanding and that the Hatamoto doesn’t understand what’s really happening. Takeshi picks up on her tone and when he accusingly asks her if she is in love with Yugiri, blushes furiously and murmurs that she doesn’t understand. The Hatamoto backs off, and instead wearily and politely asks to be pointed in the direction where the Kaishaku last saw the Onmyouji. Eyes downcast, Murasaki points out the direction and Takeshi goes on his way.

Yugiri has hidden himself in Misako’s quarters which has, in a surprisingly short amount of time, become filled with documents. She is puzzled by a document that she is looking over. It bears Raijin’s seal and appears to have been written by his hand. It appears to be a contract, but it contains a lot of celestial legalese so she passes it to Yugiri to decipher. Onmyouji takes the document and decides to read it in the closet. He finds the language familiar but the contents puzzling. The document is a legally binding contract that specifies that Raijin had agreed to cede the land to an underworld god whose name Yugiri does not recognize. What is even more puzzling is the clause that says in no uncertain terms that the land is to be physically transferred to the under (other?) world.

The Under (Other?) world

Instead of finding Yugiri, Takeshi finds Soichiro instead and decides to relay the message of Yamamoto to the Karo that he will have to make a decision come spring. Soichiro who already looked like he was under the weather to begin with, looked even worse after receiving the message. When the Hatamoto asks the Karo if he’s okay, the old man says that the cold never agreed with him. He takes his leave of Takeshi saying that he needs to consult with Yugiri and discuss matters with Misako. The Hatamoto wryly comments that he too has business with the elusive Onmyouji but will give way to the Karo’s concerns. The two part ways to conduct their own respective searches.

Takeshi’s search leads him to the oak tree by the clan temple where he finds Kaisei beating Iwao at shogi (again!). Just as the Hatamoto arrives, Ikkini, the little sister of the Oni, shows up again and pesters her older brother to return home. Iwao, as usual, ignores her as he sets up the board for another game. Ikkini is more persistent this time and even sounds a little frightened. She says that their parents have started talking about some debt to the gods, but they never go into specifics and always go silent when they realize that she’s listening.

The Hatamoto and the Takumi sense the frustration of the female onl growing and decide to make themselves scarce. Kaisei motions to Takeshi to follow him as he heads to Misako’s quarters. Since it is one of the most remote places of the clan house, they should both be safe there.

Ikkini is upset at her big brother Iwao

End of the Thirty-Third Panel
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