Ashigaru Unit "Suzaku"

To the last man.

Suzaku, the Ashigaru unit formed from the collection of warriors that survived the last war. Arguably the best of the best, they are men who have crawled over the bodies of their dead comrades, proved their mettle and created their own legend during the Red Battle of Chisu. Eventually, through their skill and sheer force of will, they were able to secure victory for the Tensai.

Despite their fearsome reputation, they know the value of living and kill only when needed.

Although they once belonged to different rival units, each one of them call each other “brother”; fiercely loyal to their current Hatamoto, they are willing to give their lives for his—a life for a life.

The unit is currently led by Takeshi, the new Hatamoto who was baptized by fire and steel. During his absence, the de facto leader is the cunning Kazuhira, with the strong-man Keiji occasionally needling him.

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Ashigaru Unit "Suzaku"

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