Yugiri (夜霧)

The Onmyouji of the Tensai Clan


Yugiri is rotund in the early summer and mid-winter, thin in the autumn and the spring. He considers the former to be his natural state.


Yugiri’s mother is a mythical figure in that she may be wholly fictional. She is either a plain and regular (albeit shrill and scolding) woman of no import or a shaman of some power depending on the story, of which there are many. Many, many stories. She may also be living or dead — one can not be certain given that Yugiri is the gatekeeper to this information.

If she exists, her name may be Himiko, but given the similarity of that name with the legend of the Shaman Queen, that is most likely not true.

Kunio of the Yayoi family is Yugiri’s father, a retired minor bureaucrat of the clan. The Yayoi family are not one of the original noble families of the Tensai clan, so their estate is further and they are more private, but are an ancient bloodline that the old daimyo showed favour to and the other families don’t gainsay or try involve in the politics.

It is both a surprise that Yugiri ascended to the rank of officer, but not a surprise that he became onmyouji given the shrouded, spiritual reputation of his house. It is also known that he did so under duress.

Yugiri (夜霧)

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