Takeshi ( 武 )

The Hatamoto of the Tensai Clan



Sub-human. Dirt. Unclean.

These were all the names that Takeshi were used to being called as a peasant during his formative years—until his family wandered into the lands of the Tensai Clan. He entered military training at age 7; it was during this time that he met Akari, and became friends with her since then.

Born with a gift for the blade, Takeshi quickly rose through the ranks and earned the title ‘Hatamoto’ at sixteen, in the middle of a battlefield while blood stained his face.

Always having to make an extra effort for what he wanted due to his peasant background, Takeshi has adopted a straightforward and pragmatic attitude. But despite being rough around the edges, he is kind to marginalized people in general.

Fiercely loyal to the clan who gave his humanity back to him, Takeshi vowed to protect his lord, friends and family until his very last breath. He leads his own unit of Ashigaru warriors and has considered them a family of sorts.

He is often underestimated and mistaken for a woman because of his beauty—but for Takeshi, he does not mind being underestimated since it often gives him tactical advantage.

He is close friends with Akari, being one of the few who knew her true gender, despite her offering him on a silver platter on more than one occasion.

Takeshi ( 武 )

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