Keiko (啓子)

Secretary of the Takumi



Keiko is the exhausted secretary and assistant of Kaisei, the Tensai clan’s current Takumi. She was born in a merchant family that wasn’t too well off to begin with but was eager to send their only daughter off to be educated and represent them either way.
She was chosen and hired by Kaisei, on the spot, while she sorted the papers in the stock room, and while he ignored the applicants in front of him. Thus starting the bitter relationship with other nobles who were trying to apply for the position.

It went downhill from there when the war came and different nobles from previously different provinces, started bickering in front of her and Kaisei. Eventually, she became resigned from their shenanigans, and has made sure that they were in line, no matter what, just to ease her and her boss’ lives.

Once intimidated by Kaisei, she eventually realizes that her boss, too, is human and should be scolded when he slacks off from work too much or forgets to go to sleep when working too hard. She is loyal to Kaisei, and worries about him constantly.

Despite of all the chaos, she is thankful for her job, happy with her boss, and extremely grateful to see the nobles’ stupidity first hand.

Her Favored Karuta Poetry is:
“Of the autumn paddy, shacks have rough thatching. Sheltering there, my sleeves are wet with dew.”

Keiko (啓子)

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