Keiji ( 慶次 )

The Sword of the Hatamoto



Keiji is strongest Ashigaru in the Suzaku and the left-hand man of the Hatamoto.

True to the meaning of his name, Keiji was blessed with peerless strength and often described as a “wild man”.

Off the field, he is easy-going and happy-go-lucky, which infuriates Kazuhira since he sees it as laziness. But in combat, he has unbridled aggression and woe to any enemies who stand in his way.

During the last war, Keiji found himself the sole survivor of his unit, surrounded by the enemy. It was then that the Hatamoto came with the remaining survivors and aided him, forming the unit Suzaku.

Despite his occasional mischief, he is loyal to Takeshi and has vowed to be his sword while Kazuhira is the Hatamoto’s shield. He is very protective of the Hatamoto since he knows Takeshi lacks strength—but he obediently follows Takeshi, since he is aware that he himself lack the brains.

He also loves fine wine and horses.

Prior to the formation of Suzaku, Kazuhira and Keiji were fierce rivals, belonging to different units at the time. After uniting under the new Hatamoto, the two still butt heads from time to time but had become best of friends.

Keiji ( 慶次 )

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