Kazuhira ( 和平 )

The Shield of the Hatamoto



Level-headed, loyal, smart and ruthless, he is the right-hand man of the Hatamoto Takeshi and second-in-command of the Ashigaru unit, Suzaku.

Kazuhira’s name stands for “peace in harmony”, embodying the wish that his mother made for him and the Tensai clan when he was born. The bastard son of a nobleman, Kazuhira grew in moderate comfort, but craved the glory and honor of being in the front.

During the last war, Kazuhira found his Hatamoto dead, most of his comrades slaughtered and the survivors scattered. He had almost lost all hope when Takeshi came and rallied all survivors under one banner, forming the unit Suzaku on top of the corpses of their fallen.

Kazuhira is fiercely loyal to Takeshi first and foremost, idolizing him, seeing him as the one who saved him and gave him another chance, a new purpose and vowed to make the Hatamoto’s ideals into a reality. He has vowed to protect the Hatamoto with his life, therefore becoming his ‘shield’.

Kazuhira leads the Ashigaru unit in Takenshi’s absence, keeping the rowdy Ashigaru warriors in line and making sure to keep the peace between the men.

Prior to the formation of Suzaku, him and Keiji were fierce rivals, belonging to different units at the time. After uniting under the new Hatamoto, the two still butt heads from time to time but had become best of friends.

Kazuhira ( 和平 )

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