Kasumi ( 霞 )

The Missing One - Oniwaban of the Su Clan



Kasumi is a widow of the Su Clan, and mother to young Yoshiro. Her husband died to debts in the Chisu gambling den just before the war with Tensai. While this makes her vulnerable to the nobility’s politics, this has also given her the opportunity to be adopted into the Tensai upon their victory, since she is not deemed as a threat.

In truth, Kasumi is the Su’s Oniwaban, the Missing One. She took opportunity of the incident at Tenka’s birthday celebration to spur Akiteru into an investigation that led to her, and set up a harmless assault at her own family to paint her and her son as victims of politics and bullying. The attack unfortunately brings Akiteru to death’s door, and though he survives, must set aside that case for a few months as he recovers.

Much of her actions revolve around building a secure life for her son. Where it will take her remains to be seen.

Kasumi ( 霞 )

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