Kaisei (快晴)

The Takumi of the Tensai Clan


Resourceful, loyal but hot headed


Kaisei is the current Takumi (Courtier) of the Tensai clan. He grew up in a household that taught him to be practical, calculating and resourceful at all times. His father is a well known noble, and influential amongst the nobles at times, while his mother is fond of socializing and mingling amongst the crowd.

He was recruited by the Tensai clan under the strong recommendation of his father in order to strengthen their power and connections to the clan. Being in good terms with the former daimyo and karo, Kaisei willingly joined as the assistant of the former Takumi of the Tensai clan, then got promoted for the position when the former Takumi passed away.

In his free time, Kaisei has fondly learned how to play Karuta to sharpen his memory and skills. He has also studied skills, and hobbies such as flower arrangement, calligraphy, music and poetry to impress other nobles and the former Takumi.

During the war, he was known for being harsh and intimidating amongst the nobles, and cold towards the peasants. He has a soft spot for children due to his wish to have his own one day.

He is loyal to the clan first, and is eager to see its progress under the new daimyo. He is slowly trying to change his ways and carefully watches over both the nobles and the peasants of the province. However, despite of his demeanour, he is easily peer pressured by his fellow officers and ends up doing their biddings.

He is distant from his parents, but has kept tabs on his younger siblings (a brother, and a sister) who tend to enjoy their frivolous life a bit too much from time to time but have their hearts in the right place. Despite his distance, his parents are keen to find him a bride and would find ways to strengthen their connections. He, on the other hand, would just like to do his job quietly, and not to be abruptly disturbed when sleeping.

His favored karuta card is:
“When I look at the moon, I am overcome by the sadness of a thousand, thousand things, even though it is not autumn for me alone.”

Kaisei (快晴)

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